History of PGMAT

Since 1994, the Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PGMAT) has been turning out scholars and professionals who have been working in academic research or in the industrial field in Brazil and foreign countries.

PGMAT is led by Professors from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. These Professors have been developing research related to the production, characterization and application of metallic, ceramic or polymeric materials, including their manufacturing processes.

An important aspect of our Program is its interdisciplinarity, which allows a constant information exchange among researchers involved with different projects. Another aspect is its ability to integrate with the productive sector. The research carried out has been effectively supported by government funding agencies and private companies.

The laboratories linked to the Program have cooperation agreements with several research centers and companies, both national and international, allowing a steady updating of technical and scientific knowledge. In the last two evaluations by CAPES, PGMAT has achieved grade 6 (out of 7), which places the program among the best and most productive Graduate Programs in the Materials area  in our country.